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                  Paper pipette machine

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                  Product Details

                  High-speed CNC Paper Straw Machine

                  一、Product performance and characteristics:
                  High-speed Paper Straw Machine integrates paper feeding, gluing, winding, cutting, conveying and receiving. It is equipped with CNC multi-knife cutting system. The finished paper pipette can be cut on-line. It is suitable for 5-12mm diameter paper pipette.
                  1.The machine is controlled by PLC. The main machine is equipped with frequency conversion and speed regulation. The man-machine interface is touch screen. The setting is simple and the operation is convenient.
                  2.The cutting part adopts servo multi-knife cutting system, servo motor synchronous tracking cutting, high accuracy, time-saving and efficient;
                  3. low voltage electrical appliances adopt Schneider, and the use of electrical components is more stable and life expectancy is longer.
                  4. the main accessories are stainless steel to ensure the products are hygienic and environmental friendly.
                  二、Main technical parameters

                  Paper Layer 2-5Layers
                  Lnner Diameter 4.5-12mm
                  Wall Thickness 0.3-1mm
                  Winding Speed 30-60(meters/min)
                  Cutting Type Multi-blades(spcs)
                  Cutting System Servo motor synchronism tracking cut
                  Gluing Way  Single/Double sides
                  Power Supply 380V 50Hz 5.5KW
                  Main machine size 5600*1600*1750mm
                  Occupied area 11000mm * 6000mm*2000mm
                  Weight 1200kg

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