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                  Suction card packing machine

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                  BH-270 多功能型透析紙/紙卡封塑包裝機

                  Product Details

                  BH-270 Multifunction Dialyzing Paper Plastic Blister Packaging Machine

                  Application Range
                  Suitable for packaging toothbrush, hardware, stationery, medical instrument, (For example: the injection, syringe, medicine) etc.
                  Main Performance Characteristics
                  The equipment includes work stations for PVE/PET heating, forming, formed blister detection (optional), travel traction, feeding, shortage detection and rejecting (optional), automatic paper card feeding, paper plastic preheat sealing, reheat sealing, butterfly hole punching (optional), online coding (optional),cutting, etc.
                   It adopts worm gear reducer driving and main machine overload protection, featured by low noise and stable running.
                   The travel is adjustable. The size can be freely changed to be suitable for different varieties of products.
                   It adopts double-shaft positioning coaxial (spline) driving with synchronous and stable work.
                   It adopts display screen PLC programmable modular design with simple and reliable operation and convenient maintenance.
                  Main Technical Parameters
                  Cutting Speed(245x 50x2mm)2pcs/time Paper/Plastic 15times/min
                  Production Capacity Paper/Plastic 1800times/hr
                  Adjustable Travel Range 30-220mm
                  Max. Forming Area 255x220mm
                  Max. Forming Depth Plastic(PVC) 40mm(Special machine 50mm)
                  Forming and Heating Power(Up and Down) 2KW(x2)
                  Heating Sealing and Heating Power 3.5KW
                  Main Motor Power 1.5KW
                  Total Power hree Phase Four Wire 380V 50HZ(220V 60HZ) 11.8KW
                  Air Pump Volume Flow ≥1m3/min
                  Packing Materials PVC Rigid Sheet(Plastic Structure) ≤0.2-0.5 x 270mm
                  Paper card/Dialyzing Paper/PE Roll/Aluminum Film ≤270x22OxO.5mm/270xO.O2mm
                  Outline Dimensions (LxWxH) 4350 x 700 x 1650mm
                  Weight 2000Kg

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