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                  ZH-100A 全自動裝盒機(插舌型)

                  Product Details

                  ZH-100A Automatic Cartoning Machine(Plug Tougue Type)
                  Product description
                    ZH100A Muliti-function packing mmachine is a new model machine which developed by our conpany accomplied through the advanced
                  technology of domestic and international.it is a high-tech product include light,eletric,air,motor.make a huge improvements the
                  equipment performance and work. achieved fase packing,and maintain a stable and reliable state when machine is fast running.
                  Performance feature
                  1. Systerm is programmable controlled by PLC, human mahine interface operation.frequency control,electric element.
                  2. All parts from famous brand of international or domestic
                  3. Achieved automatic feeding. opening. stuffing, sealing,waste picking etc.
                  4. Can be custom the feader to connect the last equipment, can be matched with three-dimensional packaging machine inspection weight etc.

                  Main technical parameters
                  Encasing speed 30-100box/min (Product related)
                  Box Size 250-350g/m2(Base on carton size)
                  Dimension range (LxWxH) (55-150)×(30-95)×(15-50)mm
                  Leaflet Size 55-65g/m2
                  Unfolded leaflet specification (100-250) × (100-190)mm
                  Compressed air Fold range (1-4)Fold
                  Working pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
                  Air consumption 0.2m3/min
                  Power supply 380V/220V 50Hz 1.5kw
                  Main power 1.5Kw
                  Machine dimension (LxWxH) 3100×1350×1450mm
                  Machine weight 1200kg

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